Total Solutions Lemocide Review

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It wasn’t until I was researching another product by this same company that I learned about Total Solutions Lemocide. I thought I had seen a similar bottle at a neighbor’s house when I was pet sitting so I asked and sure enough she had a gallon of this.

A bottle of total solutions lemocide

What Is Total Solutions Lemocide?

I tried to learn more about the parent company Total Solutions. I was taken to some oddball website but Lemocide wasn’t listed. After doing some digging, I learned that the parent company is actually the Dawn Chemical Corporation. That made me nervous. I’m a little gun shy about companies with the word chemical in their name.

In addition to that, the Dawn Chemical Corporate markets Lemocide as a lemon-scented disinfectant and deodorizer. Disinfectant and deodorizer don’t scream “mold remover” to me. But moving on…

According to the company, this concentrated liquid disinfectant utilizes a phosphate-free formula to provide effective cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing performance to a wide variety of hard, non-porous surfaces. It is a non-abrasive cleaner safe to use on delicate surfaces. It is effective against a variety of bacteria and viruses, as well as mold and mildew.

Active Ingredients

  • Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride – 2.25%
  • Sodium Carbonate – 5.0%
  • Other Inert Ingredients

Pros of Lemocide

  • Features anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties
  • Does actually render mold inactive

Cons of Lemocide

  • You don’t get immediate results and reapplication is needed
  • Highly toxic
  • You have to properly dilute the concentrated formula and the dilution various on where you use it.
  • Does not remove mycotoxins
  • Must use in a very well ventilated area
  • Must wear a respirator and gloves while using
A bottle of total solutions lemocide

Toxic or Non-Toxic

Toxic. The label flat out says: DANGER: Corrosive Causes irreversible eye damage and skin burns. Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children. I also discovered that it has a health rating of 3 – high which means it is very hazardous.

Final Verdict

I asked my neighbor what she had used it on. Apparently it works well for her as a bathroom cleaner and litter box deodorizer. I asked if she had ever used it on mold and she said “this wouldn’t work on mold.”

Actually this product would work to render mold inactive. Those chemicals are no joke and they work well. But I would never use something this toxic in my home.

If you are interested in purchasing Total Solutions Lemocide you can do so here.

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  1. Yull Teran says:

    I was using Lemocide and I want to know what’s your recommendation to replace that product but in the industry area. We were using 600 gals per year

    1. Hi there! What are you typically using the product on?