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I have been through mold. I worked closely with one of the nation’s leading toxicologists. I am a certified mold inspector. I became one for the sole purposes of being able to create an even better mold help site than I might have otherwise. I do NOT do in-person mold inspections currently.

Services I DO Provide

  • Email consultations
  • Phone consultations
  • Assistance interpreting mold test results and reports
  • Supportive coaching

If you would like to learn more about the services I provide and my rates, please visit my Work With Me page.


While I am a certified mold inspector, I am NOT a licensed medical professional or a healthcare professional, nor do I play one on this website. Therefore, I cannot respond to requests for advice concerning medical conditions.

Question About a Post or Page on This Site?

If you have questions on a specific post or content on a page, please leave your question as a comment below the post so that other readers can benefit from the dialogue as well.

To thoroughly search Mold Help For You

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Still Need To Reach Me?

If you still need to reach me, email me directly at:
jennifer {at} moldhelpforyou {dot} com
(Replace {at} with @ and {dot} with . and close the gaps).

If I am able to respond, I generally do so within 72 hours. If your email requires a lengthy reply from me, I consider that an email consultation and as such there is a fee. I understand that to some this may seam unreasonable but unfortunately I cannot spend hours each day replying to emails. Please check your SPAM folder in case my response ends up there. Often times reader questions and feedback inspire blog posts and I will also let you know when your question will appear on my blog or in my Facebook group. Thank you for understanding!