RMR-86 Review

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RMR-86 Mold and Mildew Stain Remover is one of the products I did NOT personally use. Why? It’s bleach based. Bleach does not kill mold and in fact can make the situation worse. Please read my post on Does Bleach Kill Mold for more information.

Having said that, I do want to give you sound information on the RMR-86 product in the event that you have already purchased it and were planning on using it.

RMR-86 Mold Remover Product Collage

What is RMR-86?

RMR-86 Mold and Mildew Stain Remover is not a EPA registered mold killer. The scientifically designed formula of RMR-86 allows it to remove mold stains and mildew stains in 15 seconds with zero scrubbing. Please read that again… remove mold stains, not remove mold.

That’s a problem. You can read why on my Best Products To Remove Mold post. I also talk about it on my Mold Removal page.

Since I did not personally use this product, I read hundreds of reviews and am sharing the pros and cons based on what other’s have said.

Active Ingredients

  • Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
  • Dimethyl Ethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
  • Water

Pros of RMR-86

  • No scrubbing
  • Dries quickly
  • Works on a variety of household surfaces including interior and exterior ones
  • Not a huge investment (a gallon size is less than $50)
  • Removes mold odors as well as stains (note from Jennifer – RMR BLEACHES mold. That is different than removing mold).
  • Suitable for prepping before repainting surfaces
  • The most recommended mold removers for boats (again – not a true mold remover)
  • Ready to use – no dilution required

Cons of RMR-86

  • Not a long-term mold inhibitor
  • Not a good idea to tackle a larger mold issue
  • Cannot be used in poorly ventilated areas
  • You need a lot of preparation beforehand (protective gear, storage solutions, test spots)
  • Difficult and dangerous to store
  • Short shelf life
RMR-86 Infographic

Toxic or Non Toxic

Very toxic. Its composition contains sodium hypochlorite to take care of old and stubborn cases of mold.

Do not use the RMR 86 without wearing gloves or safety goggles. You also need a lot of ventilation so open windows and doors if possible. Reviews include things like “the smell makes us want to tear our eyes out” and “we could not return home for 2 days it smelled so bad.” RMR Botanical is available to mask this odor. See a problem yet?

You must wash your face and hands immediately after using the product. Avoid smoking, eating or drinking while using this mold remover.

You’ll also have to store the remainder somewhere safe once you’re done. Be sure to check on it often just in case the bottle leaks. It will eat through surfaces if left untended for too long.

The Final Verdict

I would NOT use RMR-86 for any reason. Simply put, it does not kill, clean, or remove mold and it is highly toxic. The end. But if you really want to purchase it, you can do so here.

Curious about the other mold removal products I have reviewed? Come check them all out here so you can choose the right product for your mold situation.

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  1. “RMR-86 . . . does not kill, clean, or remove mold and it is highly toxic.”

    Jennifer, RMR also has what seems to be a newer product – RMR-141 RTU Mold Killer. Would you consider commenting on its potential strengths and weaknesses?

    Very informative website.

    Rob E.

    1. Thanks Rob! Glad you found me. Upon a quick glance at the ingredients I am concerned about it’s potential toxicity. Beyond that, it looks promising. I went ahead and ordered a bottle and will do a full review in the next few weeks.

      1. Daniel Ho says:

        Hi Jennifer,
        Thank you for your write up.
        Is your RMR 141 review ready yet?
        Would love to know your experience with it
        Thank you so much,


        1. Hi Dan! I need to get that published still but the short version is that this product is quite toxic still, especially for chemically sensitive people, and it isn’t that impressive compared to other products I have test as well as the ones I routinely recommend.

    2. Thanks, Jennifer. In the meantime, I’ll continue trying to acquaint myself with your comprehensive material.

    3. Actually everything you stated is complete and utter BS. Sodium Hypochlorite is nothing more than common household bleach. The strength is the only difference. Theirs is 8% and common household is between 3-6%.
      As for it not working… bleach does kill mold. Though, for lasting effects it doesn’t. Professionals tend to use vinegar or ozone over a period of time based on the extensiveness of the mold. Also, UVC lamps can be used but, their penetration level doesn’t go past the first few thin layers. That is why a liquid needs to be used or a gas such as OZONE.

  2. Amanda M Shouse says:

    Hi I am also interested in a review from this product. I am going between the chrobium or however you say it and the 141 because I don’t think it leaves a film that needs to happen in chrobium. I believe I have widespread mold issue into the house I moved into. I have reread my lease and specifically states that I accepted house as is so trying to fix on my own. Very musty smell that was covered by paint smell previously.

  3. Shinsuke Ito says:

    I used the RMR-86 in my bathroom and it works very well but I didn’t any protective gear while using RMR-86. I am OK now but is there any healthy issue will be appear? My entire apartment smell the product and I have 2 kids. What should I do. I open the all window and doors.
    Can I take shower now?

    1. Air out your apartment as often as possible. Ventilation is key! You will be ok but make sure to at least wear gloves and eye protection next time along with a mask. You are ok to shower now for sure.

  4. Hello Jennifer,

    I appreciate your advice on RMR-86! I’d like your advice on what would be good for cleaning mold off my white ’95 car, and then keep it off. I used to live in a house with nothing but a driveway and a green moldy white plastic fence 2-3 feet from the car on the driver’s side. That’s when the green buildup started and then made it to both sides from the roof. I lived there for 11 years. There was also a 50 foot Magnolia tree that grew very close to that fence on the other side, maybe a foot away.

    The car is parked under a carport now and has been for 2½ years, but the mold keeps coming back, especially on the driver’s side and the rear bumper now, both of which which get Sunlight , though I think it’s no where as much direct Sunlight as before, or at least for much less time, and I hardly ever go out anymore. Safe (or Safer) usage and storage would also be concerns, if such a product exists.

    RMR-86 is also rather pricey, especially for bleach, and I guess RMR-86 Pro is just a higher percentage of bleach, but I will follow your advice to the letter, no matter what your recommended product is or costs! And if you sell it as well, then both of us will benefit, and I’ll tell my friend who recommended RMR-86 about it. I’m glad that I did some research on it first!

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Hi Craig! A couple of questions so I can give you the right advice. Is there actual mold growth on your car or is it staining from previous growth? Is the roof hard top or soft top? Is the car a convertible? Is the paint the original paint? Lots of paint chipping or pretty clean?

  5. Someone who can read says:

    Rmr-86 is not designed to kill or prevent. It is a cleaner not a killer remover nor does it prevent. Maybe if you could read and comprehend providing you could read in the first place. You would not be giving false and inaccurate information. People like you are the reason why everyone should never believe everything they see or read on the internet.
    What a joke because you cant even read the front label which clearly states


    1. Thank you for the feedback. If you read my short article in it’s entirety, you would see that I clearly state over and over again that RMR-86 does not kill or prevent mold and that it is only a stain remover as it is bleach based. There is absolutely no false information in my article. It is too bad that you felt the need to attack me, especially when you are the one who didn’t read or comprehend what was in this article.

  6. Hello,
    I believe the active ingredients you mentioned are only for the RMR- 141 version NOT RMR-86.

    If someone can please inform us what the 2 Secret ingredients are below that would be helpful. I assume these are the ones which actually make the mold stain dissolve instantly ?

    RMR 86 PRO
    Active Ingredients:

    Sodium Hypochlorite 6% – BLEACH
    Surfactant Mixture 8%
    Inert Ingredients 10%
    Other Ingredients 76% – WATER

    1. Sodium Hypochlorite is the bleaching agent that makes the stain disappear. Beyond that, I cannot speak to their secret ingredients as I do not have that information.