EC3 Mold Solution & Other EC3 Products – Do They Really Work and How?

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Are you wondering why I am ALWAYS recommending EC3 products from Micro Balance? I know it might seem a little fishy but I assure you, I have no vested interested in this company. The EC3 products just happen to be the BEST products on the market to remove mold, remove mold spores, and kill mycotoxins. So why wouldn’t I recommend the best of the best? After all, they have received US Patents which is no easy feat.

If you would like to learn more about Donald Dennis MD FACS who has been a practicing ENT surgeon for 37 years, head over to the Micro Balance “About” page. You can see exactly what led to his research and why he decided to create Micro Balance and its products. A lot of people owe their lives to Dr. Dennis and the products he created.

Let’s take a look at the EC3 product line which includes:

A collage of EC3 products including EC3 mold solution

What Are The Ingredients In EC3 products?

The ingredients in each EC3 product vary slightly but what they do have in common is the proprietary natural botanical blend of Citrus Seed Extracts.

Citrus Seed Extract is an essential oil distilled from the seeds of grapefruit and other citrus fruits. It is well known that when antimicrobials are mixed together they are exponentially more effective than the sum of their individual parts. Most likely there are 3-4 citrus seed extracts in the proprietary botanical blend.

Citrus seed extract was developed after observing that citrus seeds do not readily decompose in nature from microbial action. This all started because one man ate a grapefruit and wondered why the seed was so bitter.

Grapefruit Seed Extract was originally developed by Jacob Harich (1919-1996) as an antiparasitic agent. Dr. Harich, a German researcher who immigrated to the U.S., convinced researchers at the University of Florida at Gainesville to experiment with the use of grapefruit extract as an alternative to then-current chemicals for the protection of fruit and vegetables from mold damage. They were impressed by the ability of the extract to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi as well as other organisms. A modified form of the extract became a commercial success under the name Citricidal. Since then, various citrus seed extracts and blends have been tested and found to prevent and kill mold on food and food sources.

This study about grapefruit seed extract as an antibacterial agent showed that it is effective against more than 800 bacterial and viral strains, 100 strains of fungus, and a large number of single and multicelled parasites.

Distilled water and other essential oils can be found as well.

All of the ingredients contained in the EC3 products are potent, scientifically proven antifungals, antimicrobials, and anti-bacterials. In addition, they are non-toxic, made of naturally derived, plant-based constituents, and are not harmful or irritating to the skin or lungs.

The same cannot be said of other products designed to remove mold.

How Do EC3 Products Work?

Please keep in mind that the botanical blend of citrus seed extracts is proprietary so the information I am sharing is a general look at how citrus seed extracts work seeing that this is the primary ingredient in the EC3 product line.

Citrus seed extract works by weakening the mitochondrial membranes of bacteria and fungi, resulting in death of the organisms. In addition, it prevents mycotoxin biosynthesis. When mycotoxin biosynthesis is halted, molds become inert and much less of a health threat. 

Low concentrations of citrus seed extracts, when applied to the tested molds, resulted in changes of the cell structure, inhibiting respiration and changing the permeability of the cell membrane, whereas high concentrations lead to severe membrane damage, loss of homeostasis and cell death.

Science also shows that the fungitoxic effects of citrus seed extracts is a consequence of hydrogen bonds forming between hydroxyl groups of phenolic compounds and active sites of cellular enzymes. The active components cause loss of integrity of the cell wall, and thus the loss of cytoplasmic constituents from the mold hyphae. This is important, because when the hyphae are damaged, the mold cannot take root, spread, or reproduce.

Do They REALLY Work Or Are Did You Just Drink The Kool-Aid?

I never drink Kool-Aid. It’s a death trap. All that artificial dye and sugar. So no, I did not and will not ever drink any Kool-Aid ever.

EC3 products WORK. I know because I did my own little non-super-scientific testing. But more importantly, Micro Balance did some REAL scientific testing.

Tell Me More About The Independent Lab Testing

Micro Balance knew that they would come under intense scrutiny when it came to the bold claims they were making about the EC3 product line, specifically the Mold Solution Concentrate and the EC3 Candles. As such, they hired Real Time Labs, an independent lab, to test the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate and the EC3 Purification Candles in controlled situations against mold and mycotoxins. 

I have personally worked with Real Time Labs. When I learned that my house was teaming with mold and mycotoxins I ran extensive tests both on my home and my body using the testing options offered by Real Time Labs. They truly are a leader in mold and mycotoxins and are used by the leading toxicologists world wide. Their EMMA test looks at both mold spores and mycotoxins and is worth every penny.

I knew I could trust the results of the Real Time Labs testing on EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate and the EC3 Candle.

Their study found that mycotoxins present in dust particles were no longer detected after the particles were exposed to EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate. This was as long as the concentration of EC3 did not go below a 1:40 ratio of EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate to distilled water. (Note: The instructions on the bottle will guide you for proper dilution, so that this won’t be a problem.)

The EC3 Candles whose mechanism is to aerosolize the citrus extracts into the air as they burn, were found to decrease known concentrations of mycotoxins in the air at 500 and 1000 parts per billion by 90% in 3 hours burn time. Mycotoxins in the 250 parts per billion range were completely eliminated in 3 hours.

These results are also promising evidence for the case for cold fogging, as fogging also aerosolizes EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate particles and disperses them into the air or all over contents needing mold and mycotoxin remediation. I have done my own plate testing before and after fogging my home with EC3 and the results were jaw dropping. I went from a mid-level mold spore count to zero.

Check out this documentation from Real Time Labs and see for yourself just how well the EC3 products work.

Real Time Labs report on EC3 products

Let’s Learn A Little More About The EC3 Product Line Shall We?

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate and EC3 Mold Solution Spray

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate

The EC3 Mold Solution Spray is basically just the Mold Solution Concentrate in an already diluted ready-to-use spray bottle. This takes the guess work out of how to dilute the Concentrate.

EC3 Mold Solution Spray

Micro Balance EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate is an all-natural botanical solution that can be used to manage surface mold and bacteria and to decrease the overall fungal load in your indoor environments.

This product is designed to treat mold and bacterial contamination on all of your hard and soft surfaces including, floors, walls, furnishings, clothes, shoes, car interiors, and even pets. The spray works on contact and thus, can only treat the areas where applied. 

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate is safe for use on all materials, surfaces and fabrics and is safe to be used around children and pets.  It does not off-gas or contain harmful chemicals, and it’s not toxic. 

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate can be used after diluting in a spray bottle, mister or fogger to treat larger areas.  

Product Size: 16 FL OZ Concentrate / 32 FL OZ Spray

Active Ingredients: Proprietary natural botanical blend of citrus seed extracts.

Inactive Ingredients: Distilled water, Vegetable glycerin

How To Use: If using the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate, properly dilute. Mist or fog the entire house, section of house, or item with the EC3 Mold Solution Spray. Once an object or area is treated, allow it to air-dry. Treat as often as needed. Use the spray weekly or more often if mold counts are not decreasing. Pay special attention to carpets and rugs, as these are the largest filters that collect and retain debris in your home. You can even mist or use a cloth to treat your pet’s fur to prevent them from tracking mold spores into your home. It can also be used on car interiors and in heating and air systems to prevent and treat mold formation or circulation

Caution: If applying to fine wood furniture that is susceptible to water stains, product should be misted on and then wiped off after one minute has passed.

Click Here to Purchase the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate or Spray.

EC3 Laundry Additive

EC3 Laundry Additive

Using EC3 Laundry Additive rinses away bacteria and mold spores that get trapped in your clothing and other fabrics that regular washing alone can’t eliminate.

The EC3 Laundry Additive removes musty and putrid smells from washable textiles including bed linens and pillow cases.  Without it, you sleep each night with mold scarily close to your body.  Night sweating and dead skin cells also contribute to linens and pillow cases being breeding grounds for mold. 

You can also remove mold from towels and sweaty gym clothes, which takes care of the musty, mildewy smell.

EC3 Laundry Additive helps maintain a mold-free washing machine, especially high-efficiency front load machines.  These machine types can harbor mold, moisture and fabric softener, sustaining a moldy environment after each load. 

Even though the EC3 Laundry Additive was not officially tested in this analysis, it contains almost the same formulation as the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate, with the additions of tangerine and tea tree oils.

The International Journal of Environmental and Public Health notes, “Tea tree oil demonstrated the greatest inhibitory effect on the growth of fungi when applied in either a liquid or vapor form.” Tangerine oil has loads of antifungal properties and because it is a citrus, it is able to break down mold spores at a molecular level.

I have no doubt that the EC3 Laundry Additive works just as well as the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate or the EC3 Candles. In fact, I recommend it when washing dishes since it can withstand high heat.

Product Size: 32 FL OZ concentrate

Active Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil and a proprietary natural botanical blend of citrus seed extracts

Inactive Ingredients: Distilled water

Other: This product should be used in addition to your normal detergent or bleaching agent. EC3 Laundry Additive is safe for use on all washable fabrics, and is free from all harmful chemicals, synthetic perfumes or dyes. It works with all HE appliances.

How To Use:

  • LAUNDRY IN HE WASHERS – Add one (1) ounce of Laundry Additive to the rinse cycle reservoir (where you normally add your fabric softener) of your washing machine for every regular wash cycle. 
  • LAUNDRY IN OTHER WASHERS – Add two (2) ounces of Laundry Additive in the same manner as above. 
  • TO CLEAN WASHER – Add three (3) ounces into the bleach well or into the body of the machine and select the CLEAN cycle on your washer. 

Click Here to Purchase the EC3 Laundry Additive.

Micro Balance EC3 Air Purification Candles

EC3 Air Purification Candle

EC3 Air Purification Candles are simple and effective tools for decreasing the level of mold spores and mycotoxins in the immediate air wherever you are.

As an EC3 Candle burns, the flame aerosolizes the all-natural, fragrance-free, botanical ingredients embedded in the soy wax. In 3 hours burn time, the candles can reduce mold counts by more than 90%. Additionally, independent lab tests confirmed that EC3 Candles can destroy airborne mycotoxins.

The candle will effectively treat a room 12 X 12 feet (or 600sq ft of space), so place more candles in larger rooms. Candle will last approximately 16-22 hours if burned as stated.

Candles are ideal when traveling or to use in guest rooms that are seldom used prior to having guests over.

Product Size: 3 oz

Contains: Natural Soy Wax, Lead free wick, and a proprietary natural botanical blend.

Other: No added fragrance, so as not to aggravate chemical sensitivities

How To Use: Open candle and place on a flat surface inside of its lid, away from walls, and flammable items. It is advisable to allow the candle to burn for 3 hours to achieve optimal effects. 

Click Here to Purchase the EC3 Candles.

A collage of EC3 products including EC3 mold solution

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  1. Tadd Giesbrecht says:

    Don’t you need to wipe surfaces and HEPA vacuum after fogging to “clean up” the mold?

    1. With the EC3 products you do not want to immediately wipe up the product (or vacuum) if you can help it. They work differently in that they render spores and mycotoxins inactive by absorbing into them. Ideally you will wait 24 hours before cleaning. Let me know if you need further clarification! 🙂

      1. I need clarification on the cleaning process with EC3 products…I’ve looked at so many pages of your website and can’t seem to find them again.. for instanceI think there’s one with a step-by-step protocol. Do you HEPA vacuum first, then spray? Do you wipe the spray off afterwards? Do you wash with water after that? Thank you!

        1. Hi Kate! Are you referring to general cleaning or cleaning after a mold event?

  2. Mark Stephens says:

    No guesswork …….they have mix directions

  3. The product did not work for me (Concentrate). It was easy to mix though. I contacted the company directly to ask a question; and did not receive a response. My concern was the high level of distilled water in the product; which seems would feed the moisture required by molds to grow. The claims about mycotoxins is also questionable. I used as directed in a small area with no results.

    1. Hi Antini! May I asked how you used it exactly? I can help troubleshoot from there.

  4. Would this work to kill mold on a 9” foam mattress in a cabin cruiser boat?

    1. I am SO sorry for the delay in responding. Any type of mattress is almost impossible to clean. This is because mold LOVES the materials mattresses are made of and roots quickly and deeply. EC3 can render the mold spores inactive but honestly, it can’t save a mattress. My best suggestion is that you toss this mattress, get a new one, and then purchase one of those bed bug encasement. That offers some protection from mold.

  5. Hi Jennifer! I have a small, tight spot where mold was found inside the wall (smallish area of mold). We can not afford remediation right now (we just had Servepro out and they want $2k for the job). Would opening a hole into the wall and fogging inside the wall do any good? The inspector confirmed it’s not wet anymore so the mold is likely from a previous leak. I’m just trying to do everything I can within a tight budget. Thank you, your websites have been a plethora of information!

    1. Hi Sharon! You could do this but you want to make sure that you completely enclose the area so nothing gets into the rest of your home. Honestly, I would see if you can find a contractor willing to open the wall and replace the building material that is impacted. Of course that also needs to be done under containment. While that person has the wall open I would then fog in there. That’s the better case scenario. Either way, if you fog inside the wall. Do not close it up until it is dry!

    2. Hi Sharon. I fixed some drywall on the back of a cabinet, and the cabinet itself, in my house behind a basement sink that got wet and mouldy after a leak, but then dried out when the leak was fixed. I washed it with soapy water to remove as much surface mould as possible. Then I sprayed the area, after it dried, with Concrobium. The EC3 would also work. I let it dry, and then painted the area with mould proof paint, by Zinsser. Although I can’t be certain I killed all the mould in the middle of the drywall, it was sealed in from both sides, and then protected from getting wet again, by the paint. The room tested mould free after I was done. This should work for you, somewhat cheaper than ripping the drywall out. I’ve done that too!

  6. Leslie Hickman says:

    I was reading surviving mode.com. It said if you had an Stachybotrys and Chatomium That the only thing that would remove the Mycotoxins soaking them in 50% water and 50% A ammonia That this is the only thing that will neutralize the Mycotoxins from these two molds. Yet on your website you say that EC3 kills or denatures mycotoxins does it kill all mycotoxins Even the kind that these two molds produce? I sure hope so because I just washed everything we own in EC three and took it into my new house! But now I’m freaking out after reading what was on survivingmold.com.

    1. Hi Leslie! EC3 has been independently lab tested and has been proven to deactivate both mold and mycotoxins. And yes, it does work on the mycotoxins produced by Stachy and Chatomium. You don’t need to worry!

  7. Sandy Martini says:

    I was told mold spores are not active until they have moister and food to grow on. I was also told the mold spores are what make you sick even when not active. Is this right? Does the fogging drop all spores to the ground and out of the air so you can pick them up? How do you get the spores out of the house and off of your things?

    1. Hi Sandy! You are correct. Mold spores are dormant until they find a food source. A food source doesn’t always involve water. Mold loves glues of all kinds. Wallpaper glue, book binding glue, etc… Dormant mold spores are just as dangerous however. Because they are lighter, they move around very easily and actually can cause more health issues in some people. Fogging with the right mold solution does two things. It will render the spores inactive and then dissolve them for easy removal. Please take a look at my post on fogging. It will answer all your questions about cleaning your things! https://moldhelpforyou.com/best-mold-control-fogger/

  8. Hello. We lived in a home for two months before we found mold. We purchased an ERMI test and it confirmed Stachybotrys, and a few other “bad” molds. I have a mold allergy and left the home. We are now moving again and fear we have to get rid of majority of our belongings. Can you tell me what is safe to keep and what we should throw out? Are electronics (computers, T.V’s), purses, hard surfaced furniture all safe to clean?

    1. Hi Nikki! As a rule, porous items cannot easily be cleaned and should be thrown out. Non porous items without a lot of nooks and crannies are typically salvageable. Anything with a motor cannot be saved as it will spit mold spores and mycotoxins back at you when you use it. Electronics fall under this umbrella unfortunately.

  9. Is it possible to use the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate for laundry instead of the actual Laundry Additive?

    1. Hi Tony! Actually no. The formulas are slightly different. The Laundry additive will not break down in high heat (such as a hot water wash). The Mold Solution is not meant to be used in high heat situations. If you are doing a cold water wash only, you could use the mold solution in place of the laundry additive.

      1. can any of these products be used in a carpet cleaning machine to remove mold from the carpet?

  10. Hello, I live in an old stucco house. I had insects coming in via a gap all around the base of the house under the stucco. I sealed the gap up 4 years ago and must have blocked air flow. The insects stopped coming in but almost immediately I became constantly stuffed up, have a cough and my sense of smell has almost disappeared. There is no obvious mold anywhere in my house but I can feel I am inhaling tiny particles when I breathe. I just ordered the candles as a temporary solution and am checking out various air purifiers. Would the testing plates determine what mold or mycotoxin is affecting my house? Thank you.

    1. Hi Trish! There are two types of testing plate. One will just show you if you have mold, but not what kind. The other you send into the lab for analysis. Those are the ones I would suggest. Here is the link: https://immunolytics.com/?wpam_id=20

  11. Hello, I ordered EC3 spray to use on a small mold area from a shower door leak. The liquid has no color or odor as if it was water. I expected to smell something citrus-like, or at least something. I read that it will color will darken over time but it doesn’t change its effectiveness. It has no color to start with. If it is distilled water with essential oils, shouldn’t there be some smell or color? I sprayed it on the area anyway, but it doesn’t appear to have changed anything. Did I get a bad batch?

    1. Hi Mary! No color isn’t unusual but no smell is. It does not have a strong smell by any means but it also doesn’t smell like absolutely nothing. They are very good about returns. I could send them an email and ask for a replacement.

  12. Hello, I have a huge tent where is a clothing store infested with mold. It has even the mold white “flowers” all over the place and furniture. Super tight budget but we need to urgently reduce the amount of mold so it does not damage the clothing and also make the air inside of the tent breathable again. What do you suggest in this case? Thank you for your amazing informative blog.

    1. So I am clear – did you mean “clothing stored” or that you have a clothing store and are storing items in the tent? And what kind of tent is this? My immediate thought is you will not be able to save the tent.

  13. Hi Jennifer,
    Such an informative blog, thank you!
    Question about using the EC3 candles with an air purifier or PCO purifier…
    Would these purifiers “pull out” the beneficial extracts that the candles emit into the air, negating the effects of the candles? Also, do the candles only work while burning or do the extracts linger in the air for a time afterwards?
    Thank you!

    1. Eleanor Leitch says:

      Hello I am 73 years old and a widow. I am pretty much homebound to my room with very bad help. Along with a lot of other conditions I have emphysema and a lot of heart problems. I am on oxygen at night. I had air test done in my mobile home and a swab test done on my heat duct in my room. He did air test on my bedroom and my kitchen. $325. When it came back it showed aspergillus penecillum on the air test. The kitchen showed 600 for that one mold. My bedroom showed 2810. I do not have windows in my bedroom that open. My back door which is opposite my bedroom has a very small window that can be opened on it. My mobile home was built in 1965. I’ve lived in it around 47 years. I am not physically able to move anywhere else. I have tried to figure out what to do about the mold and there are no professional mold remediators in this area and I don’t think I could afford the things they would want to do. Can this EC3 be braids in my heat vents that on the floor to kill any mold in there? I’m pretty certain there is probably mold in the walls and ceilings of this mobile home as it is very old. I have tried to find someone who could tear out the walls and replace them which would be a big expense but I have not been able to find anybody willing to do it. I tried to check on air purifiers to clean the air of mold spores but I read that the UVC light that they use and the ionizers emit ozone and are bad for anyone with compromised lungs or immune system and I have both and also many heart problems. I would appreciate any suggestions. I’m going to try to order the candles today. Thank you, Ellie

      1. I am so very sorry to hear this! First and foremost I would absolutely get an air purifier! The ones I recommend do not create ozone as I am opposed to ozone. https://moldhelpforyou.com/best-air-purifier-for-mold/.

        The EC3 can definitely be sprayed anywhere including inside the ducts/vents. Please read my article on fogging. This may be the best band aid for you. https://moldhelpforyou.com/best-mold-control-fogger/ If you are physically able to lift 10 pounds, you can even do this yourself.

        The level of mold you are living in is terribly unhealthy especially since you are already comprised. If you are able, I would also do daily sinus rinses to try to get the mold spores out of your nose where they then enter your lungs.

        Please let me know if you have any questions!

  14. Rosanna Troyer says:

    Hello, we discovered we have black mold in our attic due to a leak in the roof which was repaired, but the mold was left and grew out of hand. Would you recommend EC 3 to remediate? Also, is there a certain place where we can find the instructions to kill, clean and prevent future growth? I have been experiencing asthma and allergies ever since moving to the home with mold and am so discouraged.

    1. Hi Rosanna! When you say the leak was repaired, was any of the wet, moldy building material removed and replaced? Did you do any remediation at all? Was the attic allowed to dry out before being repaired? Without seeing photos and getting more detail it is hard from me to say if this is a DIY type of project. If there is a LOT of mold, that likely will require professional remediation. Feel free to email me… might be easier.

  15. Hey, Jennifer! I stumbled upon some black-colored mold of indeterminate species lurking in the corners of my bedroom closet and immediately took the wrong step of removing everything in contact with the wall and scrubbing off the rogue mold spots with Lysol disinfectant wipes… While looking for a better solution, I stumbled upon your site, and after reading why you recommended EC3 products and doing some research of my own, I bought their spray, laundry additive for the clothes in the closet, and a candle since I can’t really afford a fogger… The mold is confined to the bottom of the closet, with a few tiny blotches on the wall and a larger patch in the bottom left corner. Is lighting the candle for the recommended time then charging in myself with the spray and gloves/goggles/a mask my best course of action? Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Charging in… ha! Love it! Ideally you would remove the actual building material that has mold on it but since I am guessing that is not an option, yes, your course of action is the best one in this case.

  16. Hi,

    This stuff sounds great. But you didn’t mention anything about using it on tile grout. Will this product work for that? And does it make it disappear like bleach or do you just let it sit and then scrub afterward?


    1. Hi Jackie! Yes, you can use EC3 on tile grout. However, you will need to scrub it. Even bleach requires scrubbing. Bleach doesn’t remove anything. It just makes it invisible. 😉 I have found that if I leave the EC3 on to soak in for about 5 minutes it makes removing the mold pretty easy.

  17. Rozanna Elkashawy says:

    Hello, My family have been battling our mold issue in our home for more than 2 years and finally it appears that we are close to return to our home. I have become extremely super sensitive to mold and mycotoxins. unfortunately our issue now it the lingering mycotoxins and it seems like EC3 does absolutely nothing to eliminate it as you described. I followed the insurrections and I tried to contact Microbalance but they never respond.
    can you advice what to do about mycotoxins? do you have other products that you recommend?

    1. I apologize for the delay in responding. I had major surgery a month ago and am just getting back on my feet. Could you send me an email please and tell me a little more about what EC3 products you used and how you used them?

  18. Erwin van Deutekom says:

    Hi there,

    Any tips on where to get ec3 solutions when living in The Netherlands?
    Which company is closest that has it.


    1. Have you checked Amazon? They should have it on there for worldwide shipping.

      1. Thanks for your awesome articles! Any suggestions on testing white substance that grows on our clothes? It was tested negative for mold but I’m not sure if that’s correct. Also the airborne mold tested low. We had clothes and furniture in storage for years due to being military. I’ve used ec3 but it keeps coming back. The house has a humidity problem despite us using dehumidifiers. Any suggestions on how to test the fabrics would be much appreciated.

  19. Kelly Murphy-Redd says:

    I see where you say mold removal is better than mold killing. I also see where you say EC3 and Superstratum REMOVE mold. Can you use both of them? I have surface mold in two closets due to humidity not a water source. I want to remove the mold off the baseboards and drywall. I also have clothes to wash from these closets. Do I need to dry clean the dry clean only clothes or can I spray them. What about artwork on the walls?

  20. Connie Kiser says:

    Hi Jennifer! I actually found your website in my search for information on a popular mold removing clear. What I have read intrigues and encourages me. Perhaps your response/advice here will help get over my next hurdle.

    After testing for mycotoxins (via RTLabs) in my body, it was confirmed about 1 ½ yrs. ago that my Toxic Mold Illness (environmental mycotoxins) is very real; 2 subsequent lab tests show it is still with me, and as well, confirmed I have 3 tickborne co-infections. Then, a couple of months ago – after a TX-licensed mold inspector had already confirmed mold existed in my home – mold remediation was done (1/2 of the house where the inspector had detected definite mold contamination) by a licensed mold remediation contractor, and afterwards, clearance within the containment areas was then given by the same inspector. That inspector and the remediator consider their work as being completed. However, a Functional Health Practitioner is NOW recommending that an ERMI test be done, even though I explained to him that our home had been given clearance after the multi-day mold remediation.

    He inquired about the objects that had previously been in the contaminated rooms (front-of-home entry, living room, hall, guest bath) that my husband removed to other rooms prior to remediation – to the rooms not slated for remediation; thus, removed to outside of the remediation containment areas. They were (and still are) stored in boxes there outside of the containment areas. I’m specifically referring to bookshelves and my husband’s library of Bible study books, furniture, entertainment unit with electronics, framed wall hangings, and other objects that had been in the living room and hall – all of which still remain dusty; some of which, especially the books, have “splotchy spots” that still make me question if they are mold or entirely something else. (Thankfully, my husband was able to pack and store ALL of this, as I was too ill to help!) For sure, being near and/or in the rooms or stored items (STILL) exacerbates my toxic reactions; thus, they remain stored (hopefully that is temporary) in boxes in the furthest room from my nose.

    After this Functional Health Practitioner expressed his concern that an ERMI test still needed to be done, especially on those items and also in the rooms where they are stored, I decided to contact you for your advice, considering your expertise and experience dealing with such matters. Especially since I still am not feeling much better than before the remediation was done, I am concerned and wonder if these items will be ever be able to be returned to their original places in my house.

    What would your advice be in my particular situation regarding an ERMI, how to clean the stored items and rooms they’re currently in, etc.? THANK YOU for your help!!

    1. Connie Kiser says:

      S/b “mold removing cleaner”, not “mold removing clear”.

    2. Hi Connie! Glad you reached out. Honestly there is no real point in testing right now. What you need to do is what I call “post remediation remediation” and then test. However, I would run a combo test called a Mold-Tox which looks at BOTH mold and mycotoxins. The value in doing this after you go through the post-remediation remediation is that you can make sure you properly cleaned everything. This is not something I can easily address in a comment as I need to know more about your specific situation. Could you please email at jennifer @ moldhelpforyou.com and we can possibly set up a 30 minute consult if you would like.

  21. Lucy Neale says:


    Thank you for such an informative article. I currently live with my parents. There was a pervasive mould problem around the whole house which made me sick. My parents have been relatively fine (possibly denial) but have recognised how the mould has affected me, so are remediating. However, my dad is doing it all himself and not always safely. He is being as thorough as he can to prevent the mould from returning etc but he seems to not care too much about mycotoxin circulation etc. I still have at least another 8 months here. I have managed
    To get my bedroom to a point where it feels good to be in. Whilst the rest of the house is now mould free, we still have a long way to go in terms of cleaning the air, getting rid of belongings etc etc.
    I will start the low mould/low amylose diet and supplementation etc but was thinking of fogging the house with EC3 now and then again at the end of remediation and again once we have finished throwing away belongings. Do you think this will help?

    1. I am so sorry you are going through this! The short answer is that yes, fogging with EC3 will help in the short term while you are still trying to get through the process. I know people who fog every few weeks or when symptoms start to flare as they go through the process and it really helps.

  22. Is EC3 effective on the grout of shower wall and floor tiles? If not, what do you recommend?

    1. Hi Nic,
      mould in shower stalls comes from water getting in behind the tiles. If you don’t seal the tiles 100%, it will just keep coming back. Grout is also really grainy and porous, so very hard to clean. Once you have killed the mould you have, I recommend going over it lightly with a grout remover, which is a little diamond covered scraper, which will remove the top layer of grout. Then you can skim coat the grout with fresh grout, which will fill any cracks. If you use real epoxy grout, you will never get mould, but it is hard to use. The secret of shower mould reduction is to use top quality silicone and do a perfect job sealing the joint between the tub and the tiles, and around the shower handles and spout, etc. One tiny crack will let moisture behind your tiles, and the mould will keep coming forever.

  23. If I use concrobium to clean (fully remove) black spots on a subfloor, let that dry, then seal with a mould barrier paint, let that dry for a couple days, then fogg with vital oxide, would that take care of mold issues. I should add that the source is completely gone, there is no risk of moisture returning in this area. I am also concerned about mycotoxins, but if the mold is dead and now covered with a barrier, how can / will it release mycotoxins? Can I burn some EC3 candles to get rid of the existing mycotoxins? Will I have to continue to burn EC3 candles or will the mycotoxins be eliminated after a couple sessions? Lots of questions, thanks for your time

    1. Hi Sean,

      If it were me I would use 12% hydrogen peroxide or this (https://amzn.to/3R8Mtrf) to remove/clean the mold on the subfloor. You can then move forward with your proposed plan. I would burn the EC3 candles daily until the candle is done. That should make the space as mycotoxin free as you can get it.

  24. Tony Palermo says:

    Does this product eliminate the persistent odor of mold and mildew on clothing?
    Do you sell this product with money back guarantee if it fails to do the above?


    1. Hi Tony! I do not sell this product so I personally do not offer a money back guarantee. Microbalance has their direct guarantee. The EC3 Laundry Additive works decently well on odors. However, I would suggest you look into this product. It works like a dream: https://bit.ly/3POI5LA

  25. Jennifer, what is the process for treating cinder block basement walls, both painted and unpainted? Do I need to clean the visible mold from the wall prior to using the EV3 concentrate in a ULV fogger or can I fog without cleaning? Thank you

  26. Hi Jennifer, I have appreciated your website, which has helped me understand Concrobium, and how mould is killed by something that looks like water. My background in mould started with dealing with what is described as “Candida Yeast Syndrome”, where my body has lost the ability to work with many fungi in a normal way. Grape seed extract, and Caprylic Acid, have been very handy to me. Interesting to see the technology spread to other uses.

    People interested in this topic might like to read “Entangle Life” by Merlin Sheldrake, a wonderful book on fungi. A real eye opener.

    One unfortunate thing for me, is I have an extreme sensitivity to any essential oils, whether “natural” or no. For people like me, the EC3 products are not possible to use. I appreciate the “not adding scents”, but the oils themselves are almost lethal to me. That is life.

    I found a bunch of typos in your website, and indeed, one in the letter from the testing agency. I would highly recommend you getting a professional writer to go over your materials, as bad grammar and English can make your otherwise good information seem untrustworthy.

    All the best. Ben

    1. Hi Ben! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I always appreciate feedback. I have no doubt there are typos. I do try to catch those as I go back and make updates to articles here and there. I agree that I try to keep a professional site and typos are in bad form. Not much I can do about the letter but I will let them know about it! I understand about the essential oil issue as well. I have done ok with EC3 since it is a seed extract and not a plant or flower extract. For me, this makes a huge difference. In general, my body has trouble processing EOs as well. But yes, bodies are interesting in that we all handle different substances (natural or not) differently.

  27. Hi there, is there any equivalent product that is as effective as EC3? thank you

  28. Francesco says:

    I have a window sill that was leaking water behind the drywall of a concrete block and stucco home. I’m removing the sill, the drywall, the slats attaching the drywall to the concrete block and the flooring to remove any mold that may be there. What product could I use to spray the porous concrete block to kill any mold that may be present and prevent mold from returning. I was planning on using vital oxide, but after reading I’m thinking EC3 may be better. Your thoughts?

  29. Sandy McHale says:

    Iam currently after severe mould exposure trying to clear my home of resulting spore levels they are down to 1000 from originally 25000 and I’m trying to get them down to nil or normal . My housing association is refusing to pay any compensation for my health loss belongings but most of all 40,000 pounds my mother has paid out in alternative accommodation .Please would you know solicitors that may be able to help with my case . I’d appreciate your support in any way. Sandy McHale

    1. Hi Sandy! So sorry you are going through this. If you would like to email me, I need to know what City/State/Country you live in so I can possibly make a recommendation.

  30. Good day Kate

    I have a chalet and some of the exposed wood structure ad mould growing on du to being inclosed ( no black mold, the fuxzzy one only)

    wil EC3 and elbow grease do the job and maybe praying Purebio after…

    The Superstratum website is under ….grrrr


    1. Superstratum will be back online on April 1st or thereabouts. They did a whole new labeling project. But yes, you could use EC3 and elbow grease as well!