The Best Mold Control Fogger + Mold Fogging Tips

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If you have a mold problem it might be tempting to try to remove mold by using a mold control fogger and a mold fogging solution. However, fogging mold is NOT going to remove active mold growth or prevent future mold growth if you have an active leak or other water event.

In order for mold fogging and mold control solutions to be effective, you must do the following first:

  • Fix the problem, most likely a leak
  • Dry out any wet areas
  • Remove the moldy material (drywall, cabinetry, etc..)

After you have done these three things, then you can grab one of the best mold control foggers and your trusted mold control solution and tackle the mold spores that have spread throughout your home.

a mold control fogger in a living room

Some Of The Areas And Items That A Mold Control Fogger Would Be Ideal For Eliminating Mold Spores From Include:

This is not an exhaustive list by any means. Basically you can use a mold fogger anywhere you can gain access to.

Is There Anything You Shouldn’t Fog?

That is up for debate. I fog everything. However, use caution around electronics. Anything made of paper could be compromised. Really, it comes down to whether you are using a thermal fogger or a cold fogger as well as the mist setting you are using. The finer the mist the less likely you will damage anything. As you move into the stream settings, you could definitely ruin household items or furniture that are not known for handling moisture well.

ULV Cold Fogging Vs. Thermal Fogging

ULV cold fogging or misting is the most frequently selected DIY mold fogging method. This is because it is cost effective, easy to do, and doesn’t require you to stay out of your home for any period of time. However, there is a time and place for thermal fogging or even a combination of both. Let’s take a quick look at these two mold fogging methods.

Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging is also referred to as hot fogging.

Thermal foggers use heat to vaporize a fogging solution and spray it out in the form of a fog. Thermal foggers are equipped with a heat barrel that is preheated to high temperatures using either propane gas or electricity depending on the type of a fogger. The fogging solution is in a liquid form, and when it gets pumped into the heat barrel, it is instantly vaporized. This allows the fogger to produce large counts of particles in extremely small sizes, which all together forms a dense cloud of fog. Surfaces stay dry during the thermal fogging process.

Thermal foggers generally produce smaller size particles than cold foggers, averaging from 0.5-10 microns depending on the fogger. Because of the small size, the particles stay airborne longer, increasing the chances that they will come in contact with mold spores. In addition, these particles penetrate the smallest and most difficult to reach places. Thermal fogging can literally reach every surface, get around furnishings, go into every nook and cranny, and even find its way into small holes inside of your home with minimal effort.

When fogging post-remediation, thermal fogging is the preferred method.

ULV Cold Fogging

ULV fogging or misting is often used in a similar manner to hot fogging.  However, the mechanics of how it works are quite different.

A ULV fogger operates using cold fogging techniques. To produce fog into small droplets, ULV foggers are equipped with motors that produce a high power, low pressure air stream. The mold control solution is stored in a tank and when the fogger is operating, the fogging liquid gets pumped out of the tank. The mold control solution then gets pumped into a special nozzle that is construed in such a way to give the air flow a swirling motion. A high air pressure produced by the motor helps to spray the solution through the nozzle separating it into tiny particles (aerosolizing). The liquid solution gets sprayed out of the nozzle in the form of a fog or a fine mist.

ULV foggers output a larger range in particle size, averaging from 5-30 microns. Different ULV foggers will produce different sized droplets, based on the use of the fogger. ULV foggers produce a very consistent particle size and particle size of these foggers can be adjusted by adjusting the flow rate. This is especially useful if you need to fog different areas or use the fogger for various purposes.

While you can adjust the micron size to fit different applications, a cold fogger simply can’t match the high-density, small droplet output of a thermal fogger. This means that the fog won’t easily be able to penetrate the smallest and most difficult to reach places. If you are using a handheld or backpack ULV fogger, you certainly can direct the flow into hard to reach places. But since cold foggers don’t produce a visible fog like thermal foggers, it can be tricky to see exactly where the fog is going.

ULV cold fogging is a great choice for monthly mold prevention and to tackle smaller areas post remediation.

The Best Mold Control Fogger – Thermal Fogging / Hot Fogging

There are only two thermal foggers that I can honestly recommend. So many of the affordable thermal foggers are cheaply built and don’t last for more than 2-3 uses. This is because many of these are designed as “party foggers” and viewed as only needing a short lifespan. The industrial foggers are all going to be outside of the average person’s budget which is why I am not recommending them. Let’s take a look at the two thermal foggers I highly recommend.

1000 Watt HavenFogger and 400 Watt Mini HavenFogger

Our Pick
BioBalance 1000 Watt Haven Fogger

Both HavenFogger models offer the same features and work in the same way. The only difference is the wattage, the tank capacity, the heat up time, and the square footage it will cover.

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Both HavenFogger models offer the same features and work in the same way. The only difference is the wattage, the tank capacity, the heat up time, and the square footage it will cover. As such, I am reviewing these together.

The 1000 Watt HavenFogger features a 0.9 gallon tank capacity and quick 5.5 minute heat up time for an output of 20,000 cfm. This allows you to use one gallon of the HavenFog solution at a time which will cover up to 4,000 square feet.

The 400 Watt Mini HavenFogger features a 0.2 gallon tank capacity and quick 2 minute heat up time for an output of around 4,000 cfm. This allows you to use one pint of the HavenFog at a time which will cover up to 1,000 square feet.

What I Like About Both HavenFogger Models

  • Compact thermal fogging machine
  • Emits thick bursts of dry fog
  • Always ready technology provides fog on demand
  • Variable output from the included timer remote
  • Manual fog button provides easy control at your finger tips
  • LED-illuminated tank enhances operation and safety
  • Residue-free fog output
  • Hanging bracket with mounting hardware for storage

Any Cons?

  • The 1000 watt HavenFogger might be heavy for some. It weighs in close to 9 pounds.

1000 Watt HavenFogger vs 400 Watt Mini HavenFogger

While both are good choices, the model you choose really comes down to which you can afford and which you have the patience to use.

While you can use the smaller 400 Watt Mini Fogger in any size home, it will take longer since you can only add 1 quart of HavenFog solution at a time. This means you have to refill it more often and keep a close eye on the tank capacity as you move it from room to room. Since the output is much less than the 1000 watt fogger, it will take more time to fog each room adequately.

The upside to the Mini Fogger is that it is very lightweight, making it easier to move around for just about anyone. It also take up slightly less room to store.

If you are fogging after a large mold remediation, I would absolutely choose the 1000 watt HavenFogger. If your primary goal is to fog for periodic mold prevention, the 400 watt Mini HavenFogger will work fine.

If you would like to learn more about the HavenFogger line of mold control foggers or to make a purchase, click here.

The 5 Best Mold Control Foggers – ULV Cold Fogging

I have tried many different foggers but honestly there are only a few that are worth your money and time. These 5 mold foggers work great and require no skill and very little patience. Some of the other cold foggers I used drove me right up a wall!

Curtis Dynafog Sani-Tizer (The Best Handheld and Static Mold Fogger)

Top Pick
Curtis Dynafog Sani-Tizer

This fogger is the first ULV (Ultra Low Volume) sprayer specifically designed to efficiently apply antibacterial, deodorizing, and mold abatement solutions. DynaFog Sani-Tizer is made from a durable and lightweight plastic material with a VERY sturdy rubberized handle making it easy to move around. The low profile tank design virtually eliminates tipping…empty or full.

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This fogger is the first ULV (Ultra Low Volume) sprayer specifically designed to efficiently apply antibacterial, deodorizing, and mold abatement solutions. DynaFog Sani-Tizer is made from a durable and lightweight plastic material with a VERY sturdy rubberized handle making it easy to move around. The low profile tank design virtually eliminates tipping…empty or full. This is a big deal. Trust me.

If you need to use the fogger statically it provides a tilting option to position the head of the fogger. To lock the head in position there is a locking knob on the side of the fogger. Thanks to this mechanism the fogger can be used in multiple angles for more precise spraying.

The flow rate of Sani-Tizer ULV fogger can be adjusted from 0-4.5 gallons (0-17 l) per hour. This fogger will output droplets from as small as 5 micron range, which is basically a fog up to 50 microns of fine mist. The Sani-Tizer fogger has three precision nozzles located on the front of the fogger and produces a precise stream of mist that covers a large areas quickly.

What I Like About The Curtis Dynafog Sani-Tizer

  • You can use it either as a handheld fogger or as a static fogger.
  • It does not tip over which is a huge issue I had with other brands.
  • It’s micron range is huge giving you a lot of control over the mist type.
  • Very easy to use.
  • You can use any mold control solution in it.

Any Cons?

One – if you aren’t careful with the setting you choose, you could get things pretty wet. The Sani-Tizer has three nozzles which output a lot of spray. So you should experiment with the mold fogger outside before using it inside.

Recent Reviews On Amazon

Excellent! Wonderful! Reliable! Will fog any liquid, even corrosives. Adjustable to control the amount of fog. Can run empty without damage. No, I’m not the manufacturer or a dealer. I own a remediation company and am an end user.

This Hurricane Fogger was a completely superior level of a dispensing device which is also reflected in the difference of price. The Hurricane unit uses high volume fans to make an aerosol of the Black Flag insecticide. There are no pumps to break, no hot burning propane danger, and no clogging. The fog shoots at a farther distance (and velocity) than the propane based fogger and did not require constant hand pumping (or any pumping at all). If you can afford it then this is the way to go. You will also need an extension cord.

You can purchase the Sani-Tizer on Amazon BUT BUT BUT it is crazy expensive. You can grab this bundle deal that gets you this fogger for about half the price should you choose to go with this model.

HavenMister (The Best Handheld Only Fogger)

Best Handheld Fogger

The HavenMister is an excellent, cost effective option that is offered in two sizes. In addition, a travel mister is available.

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The HavenMister is an excellent, cost effective option that is offered in two sizes. In addition, a travel mister is available.

The 1000 watt large HavenMister is a workhorse and ideal for large scale remediation and/or buildings of significant square footage. The Large HavenMister holds 136 oz (4000 mL) of mold solution which allows you to treat a small room in about 1 minute with a reach of 10 feet. This unit allows you to adjust the particle size from 10-150 microns.

The standard 360 watt HavenMister holds 34 oz (1000 mL) of mold solution which allows you to treat a small room in about 2 minutes with a reach of 6 feet. This unit allows you to adjust the particle size from 15-40 microns.

What I Like About The HavenMister

The 1000 watt large HavenMister has a sturdy shoulder strap which allows you to support the fogger against your hip. The hose itself is also lightweight and very easy to handle even as the fogging solution is being dispersed.

The 1000 watt HavenMister has impressive reach of 10 feet. In most rooms, this means you can stand in one place and pretty much spray the entire area.

The 360 watt standard HavenMister is smaller, lighter, and much easier to maneuver compared to all other cold foggers I have used. This is particularly helpful when going up and down stairs.

The 360 watt HavenMister has a 9 foot power cord which is actually rather generous. Most foggers offer a 6 foot power cord.

Any Cons?

The 360 watt standard HavenMister does not have a hose which does make it a little tricky to get into nooks and crannies. The mister is limited to the spray pattern of the mist. So it does take a little bit of extra attention on your part to make sure the mist gets where you need it to go.

What About The Travel HavenMister?

Great For Travel
Travel HavenMister

The Travel HavenMister is a handheld rechargeable electric mister that attaches directly to the HavenMist bottle which allows for quick targeted application.

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The Travel HavenMister is a handheld rechargeable electric mister that attaches directly to the HavenMist bottle which allows for quick targeted application.

This is a game changer for mold sensitive people while traveling. When entering an unknown environment like a hotel, motel, airbnb, or friend’s home, the portable travel mister will reduce mold and temporarily keep it under control without any damage or noticeable effects. Basically, you don’t need to tell anyone about it! Just mist and rest easy  knowing your have done a short term remediation.

This travel mister offers a variety of spray patterns from straight stream to a very fine mist, and anything in between. The rotating adjustable spray tip allows you to customize the way your mold solution will spray. A built-in high efficiency membrane pump ensures its excellent performance time and time again.

I honestly love this little travel mister. I have done a quick mist in a lot of various locations including my car. I can’t imagine not taking this anywhere I may need to travel.

You can purchase any of the HavenMisters here.

Longray Basic ULV Fogger with Adjustable Flow & Flex-Hose

Longray Basic ULV Fogger

The Longray Basic ULV Fogger is designed to be picked up and carried around for manual, directed spraying. The bottom of the unit is a generously-sized, detachable solution tank with an easy-fill valve and a capacity scale.

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This was the first fogger I ever tried and have to say it is one of the best delivery systems I have found for the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate. The Longray Basic ULV Fogger is designed to be picked up and carried around for manual, directed spraying. The bottom of the unit is a generously-sized, detachable solution tank with an easy-fill valve and a capacity scale. The top of the unit is molded into a grip handle so you can take your fogger anywhere.

It is a genuine fogger. Foggers competing in this price range are often mislabeled misters. WHO guidelines define a particle finer than 100 microns as mist, and finer than 50 microns as fog. The Longray Basic is a genuine fogger, producing a 5-50 micron fog that diffuses faster, penetrates better, and has a higher probability of coming into contact with small particles like mold spores and mycotoxins.

The unit’s vortex nozzle is designed to be clog-resistant and after using it for 2 years now, I have never experienced any issues with it.

What I Like About The Longray Basic ULV Fogger

  • It is very lightweight and easy to move around.
  • The mist settings are perfect. There is a setting for every area I need to get to.
  • It is one of the more affordable mold foggers.
  • The nozzle never clogs.
  • You can use any mold control solution in it.

Any Cons?

  • Yes, it has tipped over once or twice as the mold control solution level decreased in the tank. However, since you are holding it to do the fogging, this isn’t a huge issue.
  • It also isn’t the easiest fogger to fill with solution but it isn’t horribly difficult or messy. I do spill a little when filling it with water.

Recent Reviews From Amazon

This is really a great product. It does not stand up easily when near empty but it doesn’t seem to be an issue for me. I have beat it up pretty good, dragging it through a crawl space spraying Concrobium on the underside of a floor system. It does fog darn well and it seems to work from any angle. You can dial it back to light mist or let it blow it out full force. I’ve never owned a cold fogger before. I was honestly not expecting much, but great job to whoever made it.

I live in an old mill that sits right on the stream… so water in the lower level is a regular event. My basement is half concrete, half dirt (where the water wheel used to be). Musty smells are almost a given. I gave the basement a good shot of hospital disinfectant, followed the next day a shot of Lysol (1 gallon jug) – I used just a quart and BAM, musty basement is GONE! – Word of advice, get a respirator with chemicals. I got too much a shot of the Lysol. (Cough, cough). Unit is noisy, like the power tool it is. It really does shoot 20′ with the finest mist. A bit top heavy, so I needed to hand hold it… which is comfortable. Not a “set it and leave it” unit… requires your attention but REALLY DOES THE JOB. Nice long cord. Came with some “spare parts”, but no instructions on what they are or where they go. We’ll figure that out later… but all and all VERY HAPPY WITH THIS UNIT.

You can purchase the Longray fogger on Amazon. It is usually under $200.00.

Petra Electric Fogger Atomizer Backpack Sprayer

Petra Electric Fogger Atomizer Backpack Sprayer

The Petra Fogger is a ULV cold fogger with an average particle size of under 50 microns. It sprays 15-20 feet away which means you can spray into attics or crawlspaces easily and with a powerful spray.

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Petra is a family run company with excellent customer service. If something ever goes wrong with your fogger they are there to help!

The Petra Fogger is a ULV cold fogger with an average particle size of under 50 microns. It sprays 15-20 feet away which means you can spray into attics or crawlspaces easily and with a powerful spray.

Get the power you need to reach up high in attics, into basements, crawl spaces, rooftops and other mold prone places with your favorite mold control solutions.

There is a wide mouth lid without any clamps or seals which makes it easy to pour the mold control solution in.

The Petra Fogger has a large commercial hose which doesn’t restrict movement and allows you to spray more accurately.

What I Like About The Petra Fogger

  • It is very comfortable to wear with sturdy, well made backpack straps. It makes it feel lighter than it is.
  • It is easy to get into any space with the Petra Fogger since you wear it on you back. No lugging a fogger around and trying to hoist it into the attic.
  • The long hose makes it easy to get everywhere without ladders.
  • The mist settings and reach of the spray are phenomenal.
  • You can use any mold control solution in it.

Any cons?

One – the Petra Fogger is a backpack which might not work for everyone. You have no choice but to wear it as a backpack.

Recent Amazon Reviews

As you might expect, this can get fairly heavy with four gallons of water in it. The unit itself isn’t extremely heavy though. Unfortunately, the shoulder strap broke the first time I tried to put it on. I contacted the seller, and they were extremely helpful and are sending new straps. Hope these hold up better.

This sprayer is light. Easy to use, does a great job spraying in my yard. Able to keep the insects at bay as a dyi.

I was really surprised how easy this was to get up and going, this seams to be a quality built machine!!!

You can purchase the Petra Backpack Mold Control Fogger on Amazon. It is always the lowest price there.

Concrobium Mold Control Fogger

Unfortunately there is very little information about this fogger either on the manufacturer’s website or on the internet. I am not necessarily recommending it but it is a popular mold fogger to rent so I wanted to give you my honest review on it.

The Concrobium Mold Control Fogger is a sturdy and stationary cold fogger. The fogger atomizes Concrobium mold control into a fine mist that quickly and evenly coats surfaces to eliminate existing mold and prevent mold growth.

What I Like About the Concrobium Mold Control Fogger

  • It works great in large spaces.
  • It disperses the solution quickly and evenly.
  • Clear instructions are included with the unit that cover everything from setting it up, to how much mold control solution you will need for your intended room size and how long fogging will take.
  • It is a sturdy, well built fogger than can fog any area up to 400s sq ft in a single application.

Any Cons?

  • It can be tricky to figure out how much solution to use and what setting to use it on even with the clear instructions.
  • It only has three mist setting levels and there is no information on the micron size for each setting.
  • It does not easily get into hard to reach areas.
  • There are filters that need to be removed and cleaned.
  • It really only works well with the Concrobium Mold Control Solution. It didn’t work as well with the EC3 Solution.

Recent Reviews On Amazon

Well made, works well. Way more affordable than using “bomb” cans. Use this 3X and it’s paid for itself.

I purchased this product in Sept. 2018. I was looking forward to use it to fog my basement with concrobium mold. The liquid will not fog, and I’ve tried using this model of mold fogger in the past with good success. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to trying it until a couple days after the return window closed.

I have bought 7 in the past 9 month and all of them are not working again. We use for pest control and all went dead average 2 month after purchase. Will not recommend.

If you did want to check out the Concrobium Mold Control Fogger you can likely find it at your local hardware store as a rental. Otherwise you can head here to check it out further.

Those are the four best mold control foggers on the market. You really can’t go wrong with any of them and it is more of a matter of personal preference on which one you choose.

The Best Mold Fogging Solutions

I have done a LOT of research regarding mold fogging solutions. I won’t settle for anything that doesn’t meet my standards. The mold fogging solutions I am recommending have the following things in common:

  • Non-toxic
  • All natural
  • Safe for use around pets
  • Safe for use on and around children’s toys, games, etc…
  • Safe if it accidentally gets in contact with skin
  • Not necessary to leave the house for a period of time after fogging
  • Does not off-gas
  • Can be sprayed on any surface or material
  • Dries quickly
  • Cost Effective
  • Decent Shelf Life
  • Bonus if it both removes mold and prevents mold
  • Double bonus if it removes mycotoxins

Yes, that is a tall order but believe it or not there are products out there that meet all my standards and even meet one or both of my bonuses.

HavenFog – The Best Thermal Fogging Mold Solution

Our Pick
Haven Fog

HavenFog is an intensive mold treatment. It is a non-toxic, natural, citrus-based solution for safely treating and eliminating mold problems in every nook and cranny of your home or office.

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There is only one mold solution I recommend for use with the HavenFogger or any thermal fogger.

HavenFog is an intensive mold treatment. It is a non-toxic, natural, citrus-based solution for safely treating and eliminating mold problems in every nook and cranny of your home or office. It is safe and effective mold treatment for chemically sensitive people.

HavenFog contains a proprietary mixture of grapefruit seed extract, lemon seed extract, lime seed extract, and tangerine seed extract. Exposure to the fog is safe for people, plants, and pets although you really do want to stay out of the area you fogged for 12-24 hours to allow it to settle and work properly.

When you fog with HavenFog, there is no need to remove any items from your home. In fact, it is best if all household items go through the treatment. The fog treats every nook and cranny of the room, even entering into wall and ceiling spaces.

HavenFog has a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of all zeros which is very important.

Pros Of Using HavenFog

  • Is it safe for adults, children, plants, and pets
  • It leaves a micro-thin coating that dries quickly and is not noticeable
  • One gallon will treat 4,000 square feet
  • You can pour unused solution back into the bottle for use later
  • It has no odor at all
  • It tackles both airborne and surface mold spores
  • Renders mycotoxins inactive
  • You do not need to wear any protective gear while fogging

Any Cons?

Not a huge con but ideally you will stay out of the rooms or home for 12-24 hours after fogging. This is not because there is a risk to you being there. Instead, the HavenFog solution works best when left undisturbed for 24 hours.

You can purchase HavenFog here. There are options for bundles with foggers or you can purchase the HavenFog solution by itself.

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate is an all-natural botanical solution that, when mixed with distilled water, can be used to maintain a mold and bacteria free home. The solution contains a proprietary blend of citrus seed extracts with antimicrobial properties to effectively remove the mold spores that collect on the hard and soft surfaces of your home.

This product is a recommended and proven part of the Environmental Treatment Protocol, developed by Dr. Don Dennis, for sufferers of Chronic Sinusitis or other mold related disease. This product is safe for all materials, surfaces and fabrics. This product is safe for children and pets, does not off-gas, contains no harmful chemicals and is not toxic.

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate comes in a 16 ounce bottle, and once properly diluted, makes 1 gallon of cleaning solution which I have found more than covers a 2400 square foot home.

The EC3 mold solution does not leave any residue which means there is no cleanup required after it dries. In fact, the longer you leave it on surfaces and items, the better. I try not to do any cleaning for at least 24 hours after spraying.

I love that you do not have to stay out of the house for very long after spraying. Once the solution dries, people and pets can return. It normally takes about 10-15 minutes for the solution to dry.

Here is the bonus to using the EC3 mold fogging solution. It has actually been proven to reduce the levels of mycotoxins. This is huge! Not only do you get more bang for your buck but you get piece of mind that you are keeping your home and yourself healthy.

Pros of Using EC3 Mold Solution

  • It is extremely effective both based on my personal experience (and before and after testing) and on independent testing by Real Time Labs.
  • It handles both airborne mold spores and surface mold.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It won’t irritate your skin if it gets on you.
  • You don’t have to wear any protective gear when spraying the EC3 Mold Solution.
  • There is no residue after it dries.

Any Cons?

Not really. One con could be that you need to mix the concentrated solution with water so there is a possibility of messing up the ratios

If you would like to read my full review of EC3 products feel free to do so.

You can purchase the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate here. You can also check out the EC3 bundle which includes the solution and the Sani-tizer Fogger.



HavenMist is a water-based solution that is highly effective in treating mold. HavenMist is a non-toxic, natural, citrus-based solution for safely treating and eliminating mold problems in every nook and cranny of your home or office.

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HavenMist is a water-based solution that is highly effective in treating mold. HavenMist is a non-toxic, natural, citrus-based solution for safely treating and eliminating mold problems in every nook and cranny of your home or office. It is a safe and effective mold treatment for chemically sensitive people.

HavenMist comes in a 16 ounce bottle, and once properly diluted, makes 1 gallon of cleaning solution which I have found more than covers a 2400 square foot home.

HavenMist does not leave any residue which means there is no cleanup required after it dries. In fact, the longer you leave it on surfaces and items, the better. I try not to do any cleaning for at least 24 hours after spraying.

HavenMist has a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of all zeros.

Pros of Using HavenMist

  • It handles both airborne mold spores and surface mold.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It won’t irritate your skin if it gets on you.
  • You don’t have to wear any protective gear when spraying HavenMist.
  • There is no residue after it dries.
  • It has virtually no odor.

Any Cons?

Technically, since this is a water based solution, you don’t want to saturate anything that should not get wet. But I have certainly used in around electronics and wall art without issue.

You can purchase HavenMist here. There are options for bundles with HavenMisters or just the HavenMist solution.

Concrobium Mold Control

Concrobium Mold Control Household Cleaners, 1 Gallon

Concrobium Mold Control dries over the moldy surface and forms an antimicrobial shield that actually eliminates the mold or mildew underneath.

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Some antimicrobial solutions are just encapsulants which means they just cover or trap the mold. Concrobium Mold Control goes further than encapsulation. As it dries over the moldy surface it forms an antimicrobial shield that actually eliminates the mold or mildew underneath.

Concrobium Mold Control stays on surfaces – in the form of an invisible antimicrobial shield – to prevent mold and mildew growth. As long as that shield is intact, the treated surface retains a protective barrier that will prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Reapplication is only necessary if that barrier is removed or covered with a new surface. So if the surface receives constant dousing with water (e.g. a shower stall), or resurfaced (painted) or becomes very soiled, it is recommended that the Concrobium Mold Control be reapplied. Otherwise reapplication should not be required.

Pros of Using Concrobium Mold Control

  • The solution contains no bleach, ammonia or VOCs. 
  • It is safe to use on most surfaces, even carpet and timber without any damage to your valuable furniture or floor coverings.
  • Concrobium is a long term solution and not just a quick fix.
  • It is ready to use with no mixing.

Any Cons?

Yes. Quite a few unfortunately.

  • Although Concrobium is non-toxic, people and pets do need to be out of the house during and for 24 hours after fogging.
  • After fogging, you have to allow the fog to dissipate for at least 15-20 minutes. After that, you need to go in and wipe off any excess wetness from surfaces with a clean cloth.
  • You have to allow surfaces to dry overnight. A harmless white residue may remain on surfaces. It may be necessary to wipe some surfaces clean after drying e.g. glass, mirrors. Ideally you will NOT clean the residue with any liquid (water or other cleaner) since this defeats how Concrobium works.
  • Concrobium only works if it is allowed to remain on surfaces. Therefore, it doesn’t tackle air born mold spores very well.

You can read my full review of Concrobium Mold Control here.

The Importance of Cleaning Before and After Fogging

The primary purpose of a disinfectant or botanical fogging is to remove mold spores from the home.  Unfortunately, soil and dust can protect the mold and circulate it in the air. Disinfecting without prior cleaning can give a false sense of safety.  Clearing the room of all extra items that can collect dust is essential.  Disinfecting a room will kill microorganisms on surfaces however, it will not necessarily address the airborne spores. Professional mold remediators who use disinfectants will properly seal the room and use negative air pressure and air scrubbers to remove the airborne particles. More importantly, exterminating the life of the mold organism does not completely eliminate the risk.  The debris and mycotoxins, which are toxic chemicals, remain harmful to humans.

If a surface is fogged before it is cleaned, the remaining soils can still contribute to the growth of harmful microbes and lead to further contamination. The residual soils may also serve as a barrier, preventing the disinfectant or botanicals from reaching the surface and doing its job. Lingering soils on the surface may affect the active chemicals in a cleaning product, impacting their efficiency. If the surface is thoroughly cleaned first, the disinfection step becomes much more effective.

How to Use Mold Control Foggers

Thermal Fogging / Hot Fogging

  1. Open up all cabinets, closet doors, and drawers in the areas to be fogged.
  2. Fill fogger with solution (preferably HavenFog). Place cap back on the reservoir.
  3. Place the fogger in one corner of the room. Ideally it will be in a location that is pointing out towards the bulk of the furnishings and vents in the area to be fogged.
  4. If the fogger has a remote control, plug that into the fogger and then into the outlet. If there is no remote control, just plug the power cord into the outlet.
  5. Turn on the power and set the flow to continuous. Most hot foggers take about 5 minutes to heat up. Once the fogger begins producing fog, close the door to the room (if there is one) and allow it to run until you can’t see 2 feet in front of you. (This usually takes 15-30 minutes for a 12X12 room). There should also be a light film on all surfaces.
  6. Do this for each room needing to be fogged being sure to close the door to each room after removing the fogger.
  7. Once complete, pour the leftover solution, if any, back into the bottle. Fill the fogger with 80% warm water and 20% white vinegar and run outside for 10 minutes to clean it. Pour out any remaining water from the tank.
  8. Depending on the mold fogging solution you choose to use, you may need to stay out of the house for anywhere from 4-48 hours. If you are using HavenFog, ideally you will remain out of the house until the fog has settled, about 12-24 hours. This is because you want the fog to completely settle on all surfaces without being disturbed.
  9. After 24 hours, clean all horizontal surfaces by HEPA vacuuming, wet mopping, or wet wiping.

ULV Cold Fogging

Using a ULV mold fogger is really easy and can be done one of two ways. There is the set it and forget it method and there is the handheld method.

Both methods involve the following steps:

  1. Clear the area to be treated of any items that might get damaged by getting damp or wet (some furniture, electronics, paper etc).
  2. Add your mold fogging solution of choice to the mold fogger tank.
  3. Adjust the liquid flow rate settings on your chosen fogger to your desired setting. I prefer to use either the finest mist setting or one up from that.

For Set It and Forget It Foggers (Stationary Mold Foggers)

  1. Set the mold fogger up where it will run and angle the fogger head for optimal dispersal around the entire room. Do not point it straight into a wall.
  2. Turn the fogger on for the desired time – but not so much that the solution runs onto surfaces and pools.
  3. After you have turned the machine off, let the area sit for half an hour so that all the fog has settled.

For Handheld Mold Control Foggers

  1. Grab your fogger and start by spraying the mold fogging solution into each air vent in the room. You may want to turn the spray up a bit so it sprays further into the vent.
  2. Turn the mist back down to the finest setting and spray the contents of the room. Don’t hesitate to open closets up and drawers up and spray inside. Spray until everything is covered in a fine mist. You want it slightly damp to the touch but not wet. Nothing should be dripping.
  3. Spray the ceilings, floors, and windowsills.
  4. Repeat in each room.

After either mold fogging method, open the windows, turn on fans and allow the area to dry.

That’s it! There is no rinsing required. You can get back to life!

Other ULV Mold Fogging Tips

  • I like to put the handheld mold control foggers on the “finest mist” setting. This offers the most coverage without saturating everything.
  • I literally spray everything in my home. The mist is so fine that I haven’t had any problems spraying electronics with it. It doesn’t leave things wet on this setting.
  • Not only do I spray all the furnishings, I spray the counters, walls, ceilings, floors, window coverings, beddings, inside closets, etc…
  • Since vehicles can become easily contaminated, I use my mold prevention and mycotoxin removal protocol in my car as well. It takes about five minutes with the fine mist and my car feels wonderful afterwards!

Is There A Way To Keep The Airborn Mold Spore Count Down Between Mold Foggings?

If you are looking for something to use in between monthly treatments, I highly recommend you use one of these three great products!

EC3 Air Purification Candles

If you are looking for something to use in between monthly treatments, I highly recommend the EC3 Air Purification Candles.

As an EC3 Candle burns, the heat from the flame aerosolizes and disperses an all-natural, antifungal ingredient embedded in the soy wax into the air. The candle reduce mold counts by more than 90% in 3 hours. That is HUGE!

Additionally, independent lab tests demonstrated EC3 Candles denatured mycotoxins. Each candle has a burn life of approximately 22 hours. The candles have no added fragrance, so as not to aggravate chemical sensitivities that are common in sinusitis sufferers.

I like to burn these around my house every week, just to ensure that no mold spores take root. So far so good!

You can purchase these candles here or on Amazon.

Remedy Air Treatment Dispenser

The battery operated Remedy air treatment dispenser slowly emits a safe, odorless concentrate of citrus and vegetable extracts over 8 to 10 weeks. This continuously and safely bio-balances your environment to reduce the levels of airborne mold spores and mycotoxins.

One dispenser & refill is perfect for a standard 12′ x 12′ room, but typically covers up to 400 sq ft. The dispenser can be hung on the wall or set on a flat surface.

What I love about the Remedy air treatment dispenser is that there is no burning candle to worry about. Seeing that I am involved in cat rescue, candles aren’t always ideal. This would hold true for a household with small children.

You can purchase the Remedy Air Treatment Dispenser and Refill here. **Currently out of stock**

Remedy Air Maintenance Candle

Much like the EC3 Candle, the Remedy Air Maintenance candle is a specially formulated soy-based candle to help maintain low mold environment. They emit a safe, odorless concentrate of citrus and vegetable extract that reduce the airborn mold and mycotoxin counts.

The Remedy candles lasts up to 30 hours. Burn 3 hours (longer if the room is larger than 12′ x 12′) in each room to be treated the first day and 1 hour every 1 to 2 days thereafter.

You can purchase the Remedy Air Maintenance Candle here.

a mold control fogger in a living room

Another Reminder!

Fogging DOES NOT replace the professional, physical removal of visible mold colonization of walls, floors, ceilings, or under carpets. Fixing the water source and removing mold infestation safely and properly is critical.

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  1. This might be THE most ridiculous question, but have you ever tried a digger that you would see used at Halloween? I have the EQ3 stuff but now that I’m off work quarantined I can not afford a digger.

    1. Hi Ali! You are honestly probably the 20th person to ask me. 😉 So not ridiculous. That type of fogging is totally different. It produces a dry fog which does not work well with the mold solutions as you need them to come out “wet.” Home Depot does rent the Concrobium foggers so you might see if that is an option. Are you on NextDoor? If so you might see if anyone has one that you can borrow provided there is a way for you to get it. Worst case scenario you can use the Halloween fogger but it will probably only get to 50% of the surfaces and definitely won’t hit those hard to reach places. Plus you will use a LOT more of the EC3 in that type of fogger. Renting one is your best bet right now. This is such a bizarre time so just do what you can right now.

  2. Hello – What is the expected production rate range, in terms of average square feet (not cubic), that 1 person can typically expect to cover or fog in 1 hour?

    I know it can likely vary by the output of the equipment, but the only hearsay figure I have came across was about 1,000 sq. feet area per hour using appx. less than 2 gallons of chemical (for ULV specifically).

    Does that sound accurate?

    1. That is about as close as you are going to get since yes, it does depend on the exact fogger.

  3. This may be a silly question, but is it possible to contaminate a fogger with mold? My fogger was left in a contaminated space and I’m not sure if it’s still good because it self-cleans with the solution, or if I need a new one. I soaked the cover in EC3 concentrate and wiped the entire unit down with it as well. I fogged one room and didn’t smell the citrus freshness I did before.

    1. Uggggg! Yes, unfortunately this can happen. Did your fogger have any of the solution inside of it when you put it away in the contaminated space or was it empty and dry? Which fogger model is it? I can help troubleshoot to see if it is salvageable.

      1. It was the Dynafog Sanitizer. And I’m pretty sure it did have a little bit of liquid in it when it was stored. 🙁

        1. *the liquid was diluted EC3 solution. But I’m open to any and all suggestions on how to save it if possible!

          1. I think this can be salvaged! First, take the fogger out into the sun and let it hang out for an hour. Add 1/4 cup of ammonia to the tank and fill the rest of the way with water. Let sit in the sun for 15 minutes with the tank cap off. Empty the tank someplace safe since it has ammonia, fill the tank with water, drain, and repeat. So basically you are filling and emptying the tank with water two times after you dump the ammonia mixture out. Fill the tank a fourth time but this time fog the outdoors to disperse any residual ammonia through the fogger. There will be a wee bit left to help clean out lines. Leave the cap off the tank and let the inside dry completely. Spray the entire outside of the fogger with EC3 again and you should be able to use it again. If you don’t think this solved the problem, let me know and we can try a different approach. This should do it though!

            1. I did all the steps except for letting the tank dry completely, but still think it’s not clean after trying to fog again. Would you recommend trying it again and letting it fully dry, or trying something else?

  4. Carolyn J Griffin says:

    We have been dealing with an odor that comes in a wave. It doesn’t happen very often and sometimes it’s several weeks before it will happen again. Today it is really strong and when it started yesterday, it smelled like strong perfume. It is now in my sinus and mouth. I recently had a test done. That was the last time this happened over a month ago. Aspergillus showed high. My house is 16 years old and extremely clean and I don’t see a sign of mold anywhere, however 5 1/2 years ago we had a break on the hot water valve to the washer. Ended up having all the wood floor in the whole house replaced even though it was just the main hall that had damage to the wood. The laundry flooring was not replaced and that is where it happened. The clean up company was very good and professional getting everything dried out. I actually got the water turned off before it got too bad. So now, we don’t know what is causing this smell and it has been happening off and on for about that long. I have no idea what to do since I don’t know what it is or what is causing it. Husband is no help and I am dealing with this alone.

    1. Hi Carolyn! So sorry to hear that you are having to deal with this. I would do two things. First, get yourself a moisture meter and check for any moisture near plumbing, around windows, and along your walls. Here is my post about that: https://moldhelpforyou.com/moisture-meter/

      That is step one. Provided you have a dry home, you will then want to do what I call a “quick and dirty” mold test just to check for the presence of mold throughout your house. This is a DIY test and it is only to see if mold grows on the test plates and not to determine the types of mold present. But it is a good indicator if you should do more extensive testing or exploration. Here is the link to order: https://microbalancehealthproducts.com/products/ec3-mold-screening-test-kit-6-pack.html?rfsn=2296499.553fd Once you get the tests I can walk you through where to put the plates. It is very easy though I promise!

      Please reach out with any additional questions! Happy to help!

  5. Can you store foggers with solution still in the tank or do they need to be emptied after each use?

    1. It is best to empty the tank before storing. Make sure it is dry inside before you cap it. The exception would be if you are going to use it within a 7 day period. Then you can leave it in there.

  6. Hi! Can you use a fogger in a home that has pilot lights from a gas water heater and gas furnace? We just remediated mold and I bought a fogger and ec3… but I’m worried about catching the pilot lights on fire. We plan on turning off the pilot lights for the entire day that we fog and avoiding them but it’ll be impossible to prevent 100% of the solution from getting into them through the air. Anyone have any experience with this??

    1. I have a gas water heater and have never had an issue. The solution isn’t combustible although don’t spray directly onto the pilot light area. It dissipates out of the air within the hour so it will be fine.

  7. Can I use EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate in a thermal hot fogger?

    1. Unfortunately no. It doesn’t aerosolize in the same way that the HavenFog does. It is meant to be used in an cold fogger. I wish there were more options out there for hot foggers but sadly, there are not.

  8. Hello, I love your website. You are helping so many people to get information and hope to get well!
    After reading all information on foggers I see that HavenFoggers are the best for my problem.
    Can I use EC3 solutions with them ?
    Thank you , Natalie

    1. Hi Natalie! So glad you have found my site helpful. 🙂 You can use EC3 in their misters but not the hot foggers. It won’t aerosolize properly. I mean, technically you can use it, but you won’t get a nice thick fog.

  9. John Kaiser says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I have an e-mister, or electrostatic sprayer which I use for disinfecting the house. Will this work for mold solutions?

    1. Could you share the link to the exact one you have?

  10. Elizabeth says:


    For some reason the article is not showing up. I know it was when Iast saw it a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Oh my word!!! Thank you for telling me! Apparently my website had a total freak out. I have restored the missing post.

  11. Dawn Matott says:

    Hi Jennifer. I just found your website. What a wealth of information! I can see that I will be here for a while!

    I have a question. I have a Molekule air purifier. Will this help with mold?

    Thank you for taking time to answer my question.

    1. Hi Dawn! Sorry for the delay in replying. Molekule will help remove airborne mold. I don’t include it on my list of recommended air purifiers because the company came under scrutiny for some misrepresentation of claims a while back. I have a tough time looking past that sort of thing when there are other great products on the market. But there is nothing “bad” about the purifier so keep on using it!

  12. Hi Jennifer,

    I have a bathroom exhaust fan that the outside vent became stuck closed. I reopened, but see mold inside exhaust pipe. The pipe is is approx 16 feet long with an L turn.

    The pipe runs through an unheated eve. The exhaust pipe is a large metal 6 inch in diameter pipe. The bathroom fan was the highest airflow rate available when purchased in 2008 perhaps 300 sqft a minute .

    What is the best approach. IS there a fogger that has enough air pressure to fill the pipe with anti mold cleaner? or are there mold bombs like a bug bomb that would work? recommended brands?)

    1. Hi Doug! This isn’t a great situation. First, you have no idea how far back the mold runs but I will assume all the way through. Ideally you would replace the pipe but that probably isn’t feasible. The amount of pressure doesn’t matter in this instance. The TYPE of fog is more important. You will want to use the thermal hot fogger and Biobalance. https://biobalancenow.com/product/biobalance-fogging-solution-one-quart/?wpam_id=1 The thermal fogger creates a small enough particle size that if you aim the nozzle into the pipe for about 3 minutes, it will get all the way in.

  13. great article that I have been looking for.

    I need to treat airduct and hvac. I think i need dry fogging not to damage hvac and I am looking for the solution to use for the fogging.

    Can you recommend one that will not harm the evac coil and circuit panels, motors in the A/C unit?
    if wet fogging is somehow okay, let me know. I have been watching youtube and it seems okay but i don’t want to take a risk of burning A/C unit

    1. Diane Baucke says:

      Jason, what did you end up doing with the Hvac and how did it work for you? We are also wondering about fogging it with the Haven fog.

  14. Great review. I’m leaning towards getting the The HavenFog Mini. But the replacement HavenFog solution is pricey. Can I fill the HavenFog Mini with the EC3 solution?

    1. Hi Roy! Great question and sadly the answer is no. The EC3 is only to be used in a mister which does not heat up. The Havenfog fogging solution is designed to withstand the temperature increase. It also breaks down differently.

        1. I saw your other comments as well and will reply. This particular fogger would take a long time to use! I would go with something with more capacity like this one: https://amzn.to/3O5HlAF

      1. Is there a reason why the thermal fogger (HavenFog) liquid is so expensive? I thought it was because the actual thermal fogger machine was that much. But then I saw the price for the liquid and realized that the machine is just about 200-250$ (small and large). I was shocked when I saw the price for a gallon of liquid (749$!!!). What justifies this crazy price? I mean it’s just liquid!!! It looks like the solution is similar to their other liquid solutions (“Citrus Based”). I mean it would have to be right if it’s meant to combat the same problem (mold). I know they have to add Propylene Glycol to make it into a thick fog but come on!!!??? Does it warrant this price increase? Is there some kind of liquid gold in this formulation? Because it looks like it’s mainly purified water, citrus oils, and propylene glycol. How on earth does that warrant a price of 749$. Or is there something I’m missing here? Did I miss read?
        Mold is a serious problem for so many people, and according to you this thermal fogging system is the most effective at alleviating some of this issue. BUT!!! It’s behind a paywall of 1,000$ or more. Because you will eventually run out of this liquid if you use it periodically to maintain your house at acceptable levels. This seems so unethical to me. That the best treatment to help people not to be sick from mold is so UNJUSTIFIABLY expensive. Can you please speak on this. Is there something I’m not seeing that makes this liquid so expensive?

        Thank you for the exceptional work you do.

        1. Hi David,
          I understand your frustration! In my opinion, one of the reasons for this price point is the fact that it treats BOTH mold and mycotoxins. Not many products do that. It is also the only thermal fogging solution available that does. I have been experimenting with another system (not thermal fog) because I do like to have options for people. However, from an “ease of use” perspective, this is about simple as it gets. So I think (I am not speaking for the company) that because they have a product that also treats mycotoxins, is non-toxic, is very easy to use, and has no competition, they set the price point as such. I’m not saying I agree with the price, but I believe this is the reason. They are good about giving me coupons to share but I understand that even then, this can be above the affordability point. Of course it is much less expensive than professional remediation which may also be a factor in the price point. I am happy to speak to the company further to see if I can get any additional clarity for you. Happy to reply back here when I do!

  15. Abby in Ohio says:

    Have you tried the OmniFog ($70, Amazon or 4everguard.com)? It converts a handheld workshop blower to a cold fogger producing 10-110 micron droplets. Thank you!

    1. No I sure haven’t but will check it out! I need to make some updates to this post soon.

  16. Quick Question regarding cold fogging HVAC vents in a room. I assume the system should be turned off before fogging to allow the fog to get in there, but how long should each vent fogged? Would 10-15 seconds work, or does it need to be longer? Also, how long should it sit before turning the air back on? I assume that would dry it, but also worried about increasing the amount of moisture in the ducts. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michael! Length of time depends on how long the section of duct work behind the vent is. If you only have say a 2 foot section of duct work then 15 seconds is perfect. But if there is a long 10 foot section down a hall or something like that, then you want to fog for a solid 45 seconds to a full minute. Turn on your FAN function immediately after fogging and let that run for an hour. No heat or AC. Just fan.

  17. Tabitha Spencer says:

    I am so curious and want to buy the dry fogger you recommend I just don’t see them recommended on many blogs no reviews no before and after tests. I checked out their website and didn’t see an independent test but maybe I didn’t look hard enough! Do you have any information that could lend more confidence in their solution and dry fog?? Thanks

    1. Hi Tabitha! I do before and after tests all the time but do not publish the results unless I have permission from the property owner I am assisting. BioBalance does offer a money back guarantee if the before and after testing does not indicate that the HavenFog worked. I have yet to personally hear of someone requesting a refund for that reason. Right now there is a lot of regulatory scrutiny related to “claims” of all kinds so many companies are being very conservative in what they publish publicly, myself included. The last thing we want is to be shut down. The owner of BioBalance is very responsive and welcome customer calls with questions.

  18. Thank you for the helpful info on foggers. I adore your webiste.

    For someone on a budget (2 bedroom house, >1200 square feet), do you think I can get away with just the HavenFog travel mister? Or do you recommend I get the 360 Haven fogger?

    Thank you for your expertise.

    1. Thank you so much! The travel mister would take a very long time in 1200 sqft. It could be done but it’s not necessarily the most effective fogger for this size of space.

  19. Jennifer,

    Thank for all the work you did on the research for foggers.

    Can buy a ULV fogger on Amazon that I can use with the EC3 solution?
    I am trying to do this on a budget (the project of protecting myself from mold is becoming rater expensive…it would be great if you could start a section on DIY candles (maybe using the Agrisept extract you listed in another blog). I love your DIY detergent and will be making it today!) Can you offer a budget friendly DIY fogger using EC3?

    Thank you so much!

    1. I linked this in your other comment but here is the one I would go with if you are on a budget: https://amzn.to/3O5HlAF

      Candles get tricky…. I once tried to formulate this but it’s impossible to test effectiveness. Glad you like the detergent!

  20. Jennifer,
    I live in a very “sticky situation”. I’m a senior living under section 8 housing. Have been in this place for 8.5 years. I have a “not so nice landlady” who has been mentally and emotionally been picking away at me for years. I was her 1st rental under the Federal law changes to rent all properties to section 8. I’m a quiet and respectful person with a brain injury. 2019 under went breast cancer and treatment that weakened immune system. 2021 / surrounded by fires in Oregon. 2022 / Turbinate surgery for collapsed nasal passages. Just kept getting sicker, and sicker, and sicker with one infection after another. Staff infection. Pneumonia. Eye infection. Salivary gland infections. Suddenly my brain yells inside check for mold. I ordered 5 dish tests from Amazon. OMG I”M living in heavy mold spores. 24/7 I’m breathing this in and out and have been trying so hard to understand why I am having serious breathing issues. I was a person that went to the gym 5-days a week. I walked 3-6 miles daily. I was so active. I have almost become an invalid due to mold infestation. I remember the roof here has been replaced the last 3-5 years. I’m wondering if that’s when it started breeding. I was fine before that. Pulmonology ran many blood tests. Iam POSITIVE for Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis / Aspergillus fumigatus. Am getting allergy skin tests tomorrow. This is my situation. Due to housing crises rent wise I can’t seem to find a place to move to. I’m scared to death to tell landlady as she will evict me on the spot. With my current health the way it is I am struggling thru each day trying to just live. I’ve done a lot of research for foggers and things. My place is in disarray due to trying to go thru things and get ready for a move over past few years but with getting sicker and sicker things just ended up piles all over sort of. How do I tackle this mess I have now gotten myself into in order to pack up things and not pack mold spores with it all. I am totally lost. I don;t even know if you reply to these comments anymore but I’m putting this here in case you do and can help me figure this out. Thank you.

    1. Hi Marie! I do read and reply. 😉 Could you please send me an email as I think this may go back and forth a little while we brainstorm. jennifer @ moldhelpforyou.com (Close the gap around the @)

  21. Kelly Murphy-Redd says:

    Thank you for the wonderful information. I have surface mold in two closets. One because it was dark, doors always closed, live in Florida. The other is the walk-in closet connected to the master bath. At one end there is surface mold. I had a company come in to assess. They said that there was no moisture. We do not have a water issue/leak. It is a humidity issue. So, they want to come in and use Sporicidin, which freaks me out. I will never be comfortable knowing that chemical is all over the closet and room. I purchased the EC3 products. I am trying to decide which fogger to purchase. I am thinking that since there is no water issue, just humidity, that I could spray where I see the mold, fog the closets and room, burn the candles, wash every item of clothing or fog the non-washable and use a dehumidifier in the master bath. That bathroom gets very steamy and that of course causes the humidity to rise. I got the testing dishes from EC3. I also purchased hygrometers to monitor humidity. Because this is not a water situation and it was just surface mold in small areas, I don’t want to spend $1600 to $1800 and have a toxic chemical in my home. Your insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Kelly

  22. Hank Jordan says:

    What is the best way to remove mold from a car?

  23. Thanks for this great info! Will the EC3 solution work in a thermal fogger?

    1. Hi there! No it will not. Thermal fogging requires a specific ingredient in the formula to allow it to become the thick fog you need. EC3 does not have this.