Do you have mold? Do you suspect mold? Are you clueless when it comes to mold? Maybe you are mold savvy but just need a little extra support or a second opinion. Whatever the case, Jennifer from Mold Help For You has you covered!

As someone who not only went through one MAJOR mold fiasco but has dealt with several additional mold events and water intrusions in the past few years, Jennifer brings personal experience plus professional training to Mold Help For You. As a certified mold inspector, moisture intrusion specialist, and exterior home inspector, Jennifer brings well researched information combined with her personal experience to help YOU navigate the murky waters of mold!

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I offer many services including phone / video consultations, assistance in interpreting mold tests, review of remediation plans, and more. Please visit my Services Page for more information. Not looking for a consult? No worries… keep scrolling for self-serve options.

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Petri dishes with various molds growing. What is Mold and Other Mold Facts is written below.
An attempt at mold prevention - water leak under a door and mold on wall
Items needed to remove mold from a moldy house.
Swabbing mold on a wall for a DIY mold test
Infrared Camera used to detect moisture intrusion in an attic. Leak detection device.
Mold Resistant Kitchen Items
Mold related products including air purifiers, leak alarms, mold test kits, humidity moniters, and more

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Check out all the products I personally use, love, and highly recommend. I leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the absolute best products at an affordable price. You will find everything to prevent mold, test for mold, remove mold, prevent leaks, have a healthy home, and more. Tons of mold resistant products as well.

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